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Welcome to LinkExchange Open Source Project

LinkExchange is a Python library that helps to integrate various link exchange services into Python powered website.

At this time there is support for Sape.ru (regular and contextual links, articles), LinkFeed.ru and TrustLink.ru services.

LinkExchange Advantages

LinkExchange allows to use the above systems in sites in Python, furthermore, this library has several advantages over the official clients, which are written in PHP.

Easy and Flexible Link Grouping and Formatting Facilities

LinkExchange may return links as a plain raw list, where each element contains the HTML-code of single link, as well as formatted by the given rules list of links blocks.

When using link exchange systems is very important to reduce the likelihood of entry site into search engines ban. It is therefore recommended to split links to several blocks, allocate them to different places on the page, using different formatting. This library allows you to easily solve this problem.

High Performance on Large Sites

LinkExchange uses effective methods to process data received from remote services, store it, and access to them.

Systems like Sape and LinkFeed usually given a large file containing the complete database for the requested domain, which contains all links codes for all pages of the site. Official clients usually save this file as is, and when handling each HTTP request perform a full file parsing, loading into memory, and then select needed data and return links. LinkExchange stores the data received from the remote server in the internal database (as determined by database driver) using effective methods to access it, without having to load the entire file for each HTTP request. This allows you to use the library on site with lots of pages and links without a significant loss of productivity.

Easy pluggable to popular web frameworks and web applications

There is additional support code to easy integrate the library with various Python-based web framework and web applications.

This is a Beta software

Development LinkExchange started relatively recently, so the code may hold many more bugs, and the API may change. The author uses this library in several of its sites, built on different engines, and trying to slice the same fix all known bugs and flaws. Reports from users also accepted in bug tracking system and directly by e-mail (address at the bottom right corner).

LinkExchange Structure

LinkExchange consists of the following components:

  • Clients for various link exchange services (Sape, LinkFeed, TrustLink)
  • Formatters to format links blocks (inline, list)
  • Database drivers to store data returned by remote services and accessible by clients
  • Additional code to integrate LinkExchange with various popular Python-based web frameworks and web applications

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